What is strike on YouTube? What happens if your YouTube channel gets a strike. How to appeal strike on YouTube. What happens after you dispute. How to appeal rejected disputes. What is YouTube partner program, how to apply YouTube partner program?

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Appeal strike on YouTube

Appeal strike on YouTube

When your YouTube channel gets a copyright strike, it means that a copyright owner applied to YouTube with confirmed and complete legal request because of copyright violation. YouTube gives your channel a strike (warning) after a copyright owner formally informs YouTube that you don't have his permission to use his content in your video. Depending on the type of monetization (partnership with MCN (multichannel network) or Direct YouTube Partner Program) different types of restrictions are applied to your channel.

When your YouTube channel receives a copyright strike and you have a Direct YouTube Partner Program, YouTube removes your video and definite restrictions are applied to your channel. As a result, your channel can be permanently banned or monetization of your channel can be temporarily disabled and you may be asked to provide any legal permissions to use the copyrighted content.

When your YouTube channel has a partnership with multichannel network and one of your videos gets a copyright strike, YouTube temporarily disables the monetization of the identified video and gives your channel a warning (strike). If your channel gets three or more strikes (warnings), the monetization of your channel is temporarily disabled until the final resolution. As a consequence of investigation your channel can be either permanently banned or the strike can be removed from your channel.

If your channel gets a strike for violation of Youtube Community Guidelines and you have a direct YouTube partner program, you have to remove the identified video without any delay and wait until all the restrictions applied to your channel will be cancelled.

If you have a partnership with YouTube multichannel network and your YouTube channel gets a strike for violation of Youtube Community Guidelines, monetization is suspended only for identified video. All the other channel functions are active until the final resolution. As it was mentioned above, your channel can accumulate only three strikes. After the third strike monetization of your channel is suspended until the final resolution. As a result of investigation your channel can be banned permanently.

If your YouTube channel gets a copyright strike you should immediately remove the identified video and check other videos for dispute content. After that you can address the copyright owner with the appeal to withdraw the request. You should assure the copyright owner that copyright infringement was accidental and infringement will never be repeated in the future. Not infrequently copyright owners withdraw their requests.

If your YouTube channel gets a copyright strike, but you are absolutely sure that videos of your YouTube channel do not have any content that infringes other authors' rights, then you should dispute the claim. Certainly you will have to prove your right to use the dispute content. If you provide YouTube with the sufficient proofs, the strike will be withdrawn with no negative consequences.

You can also address the author of the copyright request and ask him to withdraw it, providing necessary arguments of legality of content used on your YouTube channel. Generally you have 30 days to appeal.

Know before you dispute

Make sure you understand the principles and criteria of fair use and the public domain before you start to dispute for either of those reasons. YouTube will not help you to determine if you have enough proofs to dispute a claim.

How to dispute?

You can dispute the copyright claim in your Creator Studio in its Copyright notices section. You should click on the © symbol next to the video with the claim you would like to dispute. This will take you to the page with the information about what has been claimed in your video and who claimed it.

What happens after you dispute?

Copyright owner is given thirty days to respond your dispute. For this period the claim is temporarily released. If the copyright owner does not respond within thirty days, the claim on your video expires, and there is no need to do anything else.

If a copyright owner believes his/her claim is still valid, he/she can choose to uphold it. If you believe that it was upheld mistakenly, you might be able to appeal this decision.

How to appeal rejected disputes?

If you think that the copyright owner mistakenly upheld your dispute of the copyright claim, you might be able to appeal this. You can find the option to appeal in your Video Manager in the same place where you disputed the claim.

However, there are some restrictions that might affect your ability to appeal, such as your account's age or the date of the appeal. Your account should also be verified. You can check your channel's ability to appeal rejected disputes on your account features page.

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