AdSense Partnership (Direct YouTube Partner Program). Advantages / disadvantages of Direct YouTube Partner Program. Payment methods and support of Direct YouTube Partner Program. Minimum requirements for becoming a YouTube partner.

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Direct YouTube Partnership disadvantages

AdSense Partnership is a direct partnership between Google and you. It is also called "Direct YouTube Partner Program".

Disadvantages of Direct YouTube Partner Program (AdSense Partnership)

- If you are caught on cheating (copyright issue, AdSense Click Fraud), your channel and your AdSense accounts are banned and you will not be allowed to earn with Google in the future. AdSense support team service level is really poor (quite often it takes Google weeks or months to process your request) and in the most of the cases you will not be able to unban your channel.

- Payment threshold of $100. At least $100 must be generated by your YouTube channel before you will have an option of a payout on their monthly cycle.

- Payment methods are really limited. You can receive your payment only via check or direct debit to your bank account.

- Registration of AdSense account requires identification and verification of documents. Usually it takes from one to two weeks. Besides, you will need to confirm your post address as Google sends you the letter with verification details.

-Ad field is really limited. Tailored ads are not allowed. You generate your revenue through CPM. Product placement can also be used to generate some more income.

- No specialized support team. Consequently, there is no live support. You are supposed to address Help articles with your requests. Google is not really perfect at YouTube customer service.

- No specialized channel growth team.

- No collaboration options.

Advantages of Direct YouTube Partner Program

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