How to apply YouTube Partner Program? Who is eligible to apply to YouTube Partner Program? YouTube copyright issues. How to sign up for AdSense? How to set monetization preferences? How to apply multichannel network? How to earn on YouTube?

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How to apply YouTube Partner Program?

YouTube creators can monetize their content through YouTube Partner Program. They get revenue from ads embedded to their videos as well as from subscribers of YouTube Red, who watch their content.

On April 18, 2017, YouTube introduced a new review process for channels which apply to join the YouTube Partner Program, according to which any creator on YouTube could apply to join the program as long as creator's channel accumulated 10,000 channel views. But this step, obviously implemented with the purpose to raise the quality of content and to remove from the Partner Program the channels with duplicated content, was not really effective. So the next YouTube's threshold was much more demanding.

In January 2018 YouTube issued the new requirements for YouTube partners, which are implemented since February 20, 2018. Now the channel of the applying creator should accumulate 4,000 watch hours within the past 12 months and have 1,000 subscribers before it is eligible to monetize videos.

What should you do next if your channel meets the requirements?

Make sure you have necessary commercial-use rights for your content. It is very important that you have necessary rights for commercial use of all of your content before starting to monetize it on YouTube.

Find time to become fully acquainted with the Monetization Basics & Policies.

Repeated submission of prohibited videos and/or invalid documentation may affect the ability of monetization of your videos in the future.

Sign up for AdSense. Create a new AdSense account or connect your channel to an existing one. AdSense account is needed to get revenue from your videos and get paid.

To be able to receive payments you have to make sure you don't have any payment holds in your AdSense account. Once you resolve any holds, your earnings will be paid to you when your revenue reaches the threshold, defined for your area.

Set monetization preferences. Choose what types of ads you want to embed to your videos. Enable monetization for all of your future and existing videos.

You can start earning money after your channel is approved, as soon a you set this up:

1. Confirm monetization of all of your future and existing videos.
2. Choose types of ads you want to show by checking the boxes under Ads formats.
3. Click Save.

You can always change monetization preferences: set automatic monetization for every upload or monetization of specific videos, or cancel monetization of any video.

As soon as your YouTube channel reaches the required threshold, the activity of your channel is reviewed to check if your content keeps to the terms of the YouTube Partner Program policies, YouTube’s Terms of Service, and YouTube Community Guidelines

If the number of views or subscribers on your channel is not enough for a review yet, keep creating original content and building your audience. YouTube uses this views and subscribers threshold to determine the validity of your channel. It also gives YouTube the confirmation that your channel follows advertiser policies and community guidelines.

YouTube Multi-Channel Networks (MCN)

YouTube Multi-Channel Networks (“MCNs” or “networks”) are third-party service providers that affiliate with different YouTube channels with the purpose to offer them the following services: monetization, digital rights management, creator collaborations, audience development, content programming, sales.

The list of certified by YouTube service providers can be found in the Creator Services Directory. Though third-party service providers (MCNs) are not endorsed by YouTube or Google.

Key aspects of cooperating with MCNs

Many creators choose the partnership with Multi-Channel Network, but it is not necessary to join an MCN to build a successful YouTube channel. As a creator you make an important choice joining an MCN. Before joining you have to familiarize yourself with the list of services and limitations that Multi-Channel Network will provide in exchange for your payment.

Signing a contract with a Multi-Channel Network

You better consult a legal counsel before signing a contract with MCN, as contracts are legally binding, so it is really important to make a reasonable decision.

Before signing a contract with MCN, familiarize yourself with the contract and pay attention to the following:

• The fees that network charges
• The level of support that is offered to your channel
• Your obligations to the network
• Contract duration
• Contract termination conditions

Revenue & payments

After you join a Multi-Channel Network, you will get your revenue through your MCN’s AdSense account. Your Multi-Channel Network will get full access to the revenue data of your YouTube Analytics.

Joining a Multi-Channel Network will have no effect on your revenue share with YouTube. Normally, Multi-Channel Network takes a percentage of revenue from your portion before paying you. Usually, from the start MCNs take from 25% to 50% of revenue from your portion. Further depending on the number of views on creator's channel the percentage taken by MCNs may decrease to 3-5%.

Some Multi-Channel Networks offer creators some additional revenue opportunities (dedicated sales teams, brand sponsorships) that may increase the overall revenue of your YouTube channel. If a network provides these services, you better make sure they are listed in your contract.

Strikes & takedowns

While Multi-Channel Network will help you to resolve a ban of your channel, strike or copyright claim, MCNs cannot prevent it from happening. Channels that violate copyright policies or YouTube’s community guidelines will receive strikes and other penalties, whether or not they are part of a Multi-Channel Network.

Remove MCN access from your channel

Before signing a contract with Multi-Channel Network make sure you have the option to break it. Typically, MCN's demand six months to break the contract after you request to remove Multi-Channel Network access from your YouTube channel. But there also MCNs which do not have any limitations and you can leave the Network anytime.

Important: After you leave a Multi-Channel Network, you will need to link your account to AdSense and set up monetization to continue earning money and getting payments.

What happens if you choose to remove your Multi-Channel Network’s access but your contract has not expired yet?

Before choosing to remove the access of MCN from your YouTube channel, you should check if you have any legal obligations according to your contract with MCN. If you are still under the contract with your Multi-Channel Network, removing access will not release you from all legal obligations, and your action may be considered as violation of your contract. If you have these obligations, you better first discuss it with your MCN or your own legal counsel.

Best practices for Multi-Channel networks

All Multi-Channel Networks should follow YouTube’s best practices:

• Avoid misleading, spammy language agitating channels to join a Multi-Channel Network.
• MCN's contract should include clear explanations of provided services and the level of support.
• MCNs should act in transparent and honest way with respect to contractual obligations and services offered.
• MCNs should Onboard and release channels accordingly to their contracts.

If a Multi-Channel Network does not adhere to YouTube best practices, it may lose monetization and account features. If you have facts that YouTube’s policies are not followed by a certain MCN, contact the Creator Support team.

Which YouTube partnership is the best is the topic of the following article.

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