How to earn on YouTube? Alternative income sources on YouTube. How to apply YouTube Partner Program? Who is eligible to apply to YouTube Partner Program? YouTube copyright issues. How to sign up for AdSense? How to set monetization preferences? How to apply multichannel network?

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YouTube earnings

How to earn on YouTube?

YouTube creators can monetize their content through YouTube Partner Program. They get revenue from ads embedded to their videos as well as from subscribers of YouTube Red, who watch their content.

First you need to know How to apply YouTube Partner Program.

YouTube partner agreement does not include any guarantees about how much, or whether, you will be paid. When people view or click ads embedded to your video, you generate earning which is based on a share of advertising revenue.

YouTube's share is 45% of the gross revenue generated. Content creators receive 55%. Once your earnings are finalized, you receive your payment through your AdSense account on a monthly basis, unless you have a contract with Multi-Channel network (MCN).

If you have a contract with Multi-Channel network (MCN), you will have to share your earnings with MCN. Most networks take up to 50% of the gross revenue in exchange for the services provided, depending on the number of views of your videos. The more views your YouTube channel generates, the less % MCN takes.

Getting views is extremely important and the best YouTube marketing companies stand on it, but don't expect that YouTube views alone will let you to earn a fortune.

Alternative income sources on YouTube

Getting one million or only 100 000, YouTube views open up a lot of income opportunities. Your YouTube revenue can be significantly increased by alternative income sources. Advertisers always look for successful YouTuber creators with big audience.

Instead of paying for ads placed in videos with no guarantee that they will really be watched, many companies address directly YouTube creators to advertise the products in their videos. This way viewers cannot skip the ad of the product in the video. Let's have a look at different types of alternative income sources.

Sponsored YouTube videos

Quite often YouTubers feature their sponsor in their videos. They also place sponsor's link first in the description of the video. How much you will earn on such a deal depends greatly on what you and sponsor agree upon. The best part is that neither YouTube nor Multi-channel Network get a cut of your revenue.

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

Affiliate Marketing is another very popular way of generating revenue from YouTube. YouTubers direct viewers to affiliated websites and videos and are paid by the affiliate. Usually the revenue from such a deal depends on the sales and traffic generated.

It is not that easy to direct your subscribers to click affiliated links. The difficulty is to promote affiliated websites without annoying your viewers. To get your audience interested you should choose affiliated websites that are closely related to the content of your videos.

Product placement on YouTube

It is considered that product placement on YouTube is more effective than traditional placement on TV, cinema or celebrity endorsement because of the strong personal bond that connects a Youtube creator with his/her subscribers.

YouTuber's merchandise websites

Many popular YouTubers generate additional revenue by selling merchandise. If your name is big enough on YouTube, your subscribers would purchase goods from you.

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