What is Ad View (commercial view, monetized view, monetized impression) on YouTube? What is the principle of earning on YouTube? What is the rate of monetized impressions on YouTube? What is YouTube partner program? How to apply YouTube partner program?

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What is Ad View on YouTube?

Ad View (commercial view, monetized view, monetized impression) - is an impression of the video of your YouTube channel that have been filled with a paid advertisement.

The biggest misunderstanding about the monetization on YouTube is that revenue is based directly on the number of views of your video. Many people come across the statement that they will usually be paid a certain amount per one thousand views and consequently they assume that this rule applies to all the views that any of your YouTube video generates. Sorry to say, but that isn’t the case. Revenue is based on the number of times an ad is displayed in your videos. Such views are commonly known as monetized impressions, monetized views, commercial views, ad views. It is obvious that the number of monetized impressions will always be much lower than the number of views.

Mostly the monetized impression rate of YouTube videos would not be more than a half. An average YouTuber will have only 2-3 monetized impressions out of every ten views. Thus, you can expect monetized impressions to be approximately between 20% and 50% of the number of views that is displayed below any YouTube video.

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