What is RPM on YouTube? What is СPM on YouTube? How to calculate your RPM on YouTube? What is monetized view (impression) on YouTube? What is the impression rate for videos on YouTube? How does RPM rate influence your income on YouTube? How to apply YouTube partner program?

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YouTube CPM

What is RPM, CPM, eCPM? How does RPM influence your YouTube revenue? Do YouTube creators have any control over RPM?

RPM is commonly misunderstood, and the term is usually misused.

What is CPM on YouTube?

CPM “cost per mile” - is the amount of money an advertisers pay to have their ads placed in videos for one thousand times. Each time an ad in a video meets the specified condition (ad runs completely or a viewer clicks on it), it is called a monetized impression.

But the most relevant statistic for you as a creator is actually RPM (revenue per thousand) - the average amount of money you make on every 1 000 commercial views that videos of your channel generate. Misleadingly, YouTube usually refers to RPM as eCPM (effective CPM).

What is RPM on YouTube?

RPM “revenue per mile” (mille means “thousand” in Latin, so the phrase means “revenue per thousand”) - is the average revenue that videos of your YouTube channel generate per every one thousand commercial views. Misleadingly, YouTube usually refers to RPM as eCPM (effective CPM). To estimate your RPM over a definite period of time, you will need to know the number of views of your videos and generated earnings for that period. The anticipated RPM is calculated the following way - you should divide generated revenue by commercial view of your YouTube channel, then multiply it by 1000.

Formula of calculation:

Revenue per thousand miles = (income / commercial views) * 1000

Here is the example:

If videos of your channel got 50 000 views and generated $290 from ads for the period of one month for example, revenue per thousand views (RPM) would be (290 / 50 000) * 1000, that is $5.80.

The RPM in usually an average between different types of ads that are placed to your videos by YouTube. For one type of ads advertisers pay per thousand views, for other type of ads they pay only when a viewer clicks on it.

Seasonality. Your RPM will definitely be higher or lower depending on the time of the year. For example, you can expect higher revenue in December when advertisers spend huge budgets on holiday campaigns and lower revenue in January when advertisers significantly decrease advertising volume as they have less demand for ads.

What is monetized view (impression) on YouTube?

What is monetized view (impression) on YouTube?

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