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Why YouTube bans kids channels?

At the end of 2017 YouTube terminated the biggest American and Russian channels, uploading content for kids. The reason why the channels were banned was the violation of YouTube Community Guidelines. A bit after that YouTube introduced the updated recommendations for creators who upload content for kids.

Official YouTube recommendations for creators who upload content for kids

Official YouTube recommendations contain the list of things that creators should avoid in videos, uploaded for kids.

Videos should not be invasive. Do you invade privacy? Do you ask kids to do anything that’s not OK with their families?

Videos should not be violent. Is there gratuitous violence? Or unresolved conflicts? Are you modeling behavior you don't want kids to imitate?

Videos should not use inappropriate language. Do you use language that would NOT be welcome in a child's home or school?

Videos should not be lewd. Could you show it to your mother? Your grandmother?

Videos should not use inappropriate attire. Are there elements in your scenes that could make your participants or some viewers uncomfortable (e.g. overly revealing attire showing bare skin or situations that could be misinterpreted)?

Videos should not be scary. Will it cause nightmares?

Videos should not be mean-spirited. Would your characters be kind to a shy 3-year-old?

Videos should not be condescending. Will kids feel belittled & less-than-smart watching it?

Videos should not be irritating. Will families just want to turn it off?

Videos should not be mind-numbing. Will it cause zombie eyes and a marked drop in IQ?

Videos should not be offensive. Does it include rude or inappropriate content about different types of people?

Videos should not be confusing. Will kids struggle to follow along?

Videos should not be dangerous. Could kids get hurt by following your example? Do you remind kids what’s not OK to try at home?

Videos should not be boring. Will kids prefer cleaning their rooms to watching it?

Videos should not be junky. Is the quality so poor it's hard to see and hear?

Videos should not be over-stimulating. Will it give kids and families a headache?

Videos should not be biased. Do you avoid gender stereotypes? Do you have diverse characters your viewers can relate to?

By the following link you can download YouTube field guide for YouTube kids creators.

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