YouTube Multi-Channel Network Partnership (MCN). Advantages / disadvantages of YouTube Multi-Channel Network Partnership. YouTube Multi-Channel Networks payment conditions. Minimum requirements for becoming a YouTube partner. How to apply YouTube partner program?

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Over and over YouTube content creators make requests wanting to know about how to join a YouTube Network. These networks provide a lot of services to the providers. Among these services are production support, help in finding brand deals and an increased CPM. What networks might ask for in exchange varies – the majority asks to take a percentage of your earnings, some networks ask the rights for your content, and others might ask you to collaborate with their other creators.

Nowadays, YouTube partnerships are separated into two categories:

1. AdSense Partnership, that is directly between you and Google. Also known as "Direct YouTube Partner Program".
2. Multi-Channel Network Partnership, that is between you and a company that is affiliated with Google.

YouTube Multi-Channel Network Partnership (MCN)


Here are the options that may be offered by multi-channel networks:

- Many payment options, faster payments, no minimum payout

If you are a partner of YouTube Multi Channel Network, then you will have much more options of withdrawal. The methods of withdrawal and thresholds vary depending on the company, but in general there are a lot of options and the threshold is very low.

Many networks allow you to withdraw monthly any amount you have on your account. Some of networks even allow to withdraw daily. Mostly payments are done monthly. As a rule, Networks pay during three weeks of the next to the reporting month.

- High cpm rate

As a rule YouTube channels that are the part of MCN Networks have higher cpm rate.

- Growth tips & tricks

MCN networks can help you to manage your channel. They can consult you either on the business aspects of your channel or on the direct management of your channel.

- Copyright protection

If your YouTube channel has a copyright issue, MCN Network will always support you in resolving it.

- Design support

Many MCN Networks offer free graphic design of your YouTube channel.

- Free music library

Mostly every MCN Network has a free music library. It is very convenient to have a stock of royalty free music ready to use.

- Special tools

Networks usually offer tools for optimization of your channel. It helps you to receive more views and reach more people.

- Referral program

All MCN Networks offer referral program for their partners. Quite often it can add a substantial amount to your revenue.

- Sponsorship prizes

Many networks offer campaign opportunities and brand sponsorships.

- 24/7 online support


- Revenue share (from 5% and up to 50%). You will have to share your revenue with MCN. You should remember, that first you share your revenue with Google (45/55). After that you will have to share your 55% with MCN Network.

- Lock in contract. Depending on the network and the contract conditions you might need from three to six months to have the right to brake the contract.

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